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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all BPSW activities have been postponed until further notice.

Please stay safe and well!


Based in the musical county of Worcestershire, Black Pear Symphonic Winds is bringing a new flavour of high-quality live music. Like the Black Pear, the ensemble is synonymous with their hometown of Worcestershire and unique to the county.


Live Music in Worcestershire


Worcestershire has a legendary musical heritage, most noticeable for being the place of birth for the classical composer Edward Elgar, and BPSW aims to build upon this extensive foundation with performances of original music for Wind Orchestras at the highest standard.


In addition to this, BPSW endeavour to create their own legacy by developing educational links throughout the county. BPSW provides the opportunity for instrumentalists of wind, brass and percussion to perform original wind orchestra repertoire as part of this high quality, semi-professional ensemble.


They are certainly a group to enjoy live in order to experience the full power of this exciting, new wind ensemble and the challenging music they perform with talent, quality and a powerful dynamic range. 



Wind Orchestras


Generally, the family of woodwind in an orchestra includes flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones and bassoons. However, in a wind orchestra, band or ensemble, the family is expanded to include a whole range of percussion instruments alongside brass instruments such as trumpets, French horns, trombones and tubas.


This genre of music can sometimes be quite misunderstood, occasionally being referred to as marching band music. However, the moment a Black Pear Symphonic Winds concert begins, it is clear that the experience is far from this perception.


The original and contemporary wind band performed by Black Pear Symphonic Winds is thought-provoking, powerful and moving. The versatility of the ensemble, indeed the genre, often surprises our audiences; with comments and feedback demonstrating the awe in which our listeners find themselves feeling.


Live Orchestral Music


There is no experience quite like live orchestral music!


Sitting in an audience, completely captured by the harmony of sound is quite unforgettable. The dynamic range of professional musicians, working in partnership to present all the colours and contrasts within a piece of music is storytelling at its best.


Finding your own interpretation of the composer’s ideas flowing through your mind as the sounds gather is a moment for your own creativity, a moment of your own while still being an experience to share with those around you. 


Black Pear Symphonic Wind Orchestra will transport you through every unique piece of music, created especially for Wind Orchestras. This music has not been written for a classical orchestra and arranged for Wind Orchestra. This was designed specifically for the dynamic range, the specific range in instrument timbre only found in wind ensembles.



Musical Director


As a leading music educator in the county for over 30 years, Colin Farlow has been responsible for the development of the Worcestershire Youth Wind Orchestra (WYWO) and has a reputation for high-quality performances as both a musician and conductor. His leadership style has led many to describe him as 'a musician's musician'. 

Colin's musical journey began when his teacher (George Jackson) gave him a trumpet to play in the school band. A flame was ignited. Colin found his passion for music, as well as a long and successful career. Working with young people and championing music education has been a defining feature of Colin's work as a peripatetic brass teacher, conductor of WYWO and leading the county music service as deputy and acting head. 


Following retirement from his role as Acting Head of Worcestershire Youth Music in 2014, Colin turned his passion for performing challenging and exciting wind orchestra music to the creation of Black Pear Symphonic Winds. 





Since the beginning of the orchestra, many of the concerts have showcased performances by talented soloists. The unique nature of this ensemble has attracted wind musicians to seek performance opportunities with us. This has given Black Pear Symphonic Winds the opportunity to work with a wide range of soloists performing high-quality music written specifically for wind orchestras; unique in the county of Worcestershire- despite its deeply rooted musical heritage.


Original Score Debut


Within the orchestra’s few two years of existence, Black Pear Symphonic Winds was chosen to perform the first performance of a new piece, originally scored for Wood Ensemble, written by a Worcestershire based composer; Martin Yates.


BPSW were excited to premier Martin's’ Birmingham Symphony’, a piece which was composed to showcase the different elements of Martin's place of birth, and the pride he has of this famous city.


A piece full of narrative, BPSW cherished being chosen to debut a piece written from the heart of a local composer and telling the story of a city so close to the orchestra’s home.



Live Concerts


Black Pear Symphonic Winds generally perform twice a year. These concerts are mostly our own, held in a variety of musical venues across Worcestershire including St. Martins and Christchurch in Malvern 

For more information about the pieces we have performed to date, click the link in the top menu to view our repertoire or listen to a selection of performances here.

For news about our upcoming concert dates and venues, our home page promotes this information but you can always email us at for more information.


Bringing the hidden world of original Orchestral Wind music to 


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