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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Frigyes Hidas' Bassoon Concerto is such a fantastic piece and isn't very well known among the bassoon community. Hidas had the knack of writing a good melody and that's evident in this tuneful and easy to listen to concerto.

There are plenty of challenges in this piece, some tricky technical passages allowing the soloist to show off their technique and Hidas really exploits the whole range of the instrument. The second movement in particular is written in the highest register of the bassoon which tests the stamina of the soloist.

Even though the second movement is the most challenging part of the concerto it is also my favourite too. After a triumphant opening first movement, the mood of the piece completely changes and becomes very ethereal. 

I had a really successful rehearsal with Black Pear Symphonic Winds on Sunday, everyone picked up my ideas and intentions very quickly and the whole piece is coming together brilliantly.

I'm even more excited for the concert now, I think the audience will love the concerto and it works well with the other pieces in the programme.

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